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Rowena's pregnancy journal

Birth Story
~ Very Punctual

Our baby boy arrived one day before his due date on 28 November 2011, (three hours short of his due date to be precise)! Very punctual! We named him Roshan Arun: Roshan means illumination in Hindi. He weighed in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces.

The labour lasted for around 24 hours - on the day I went into labour I had what I thought felt like period pains all day, but just ignored them and went out shoe shopping in Selfridges with one of my best friends . . . by 8pm that night the pain was so bad I started being sick and at midnight went to the hospital. I ended up have an array of pain relief which really worked, although I retained water like anything and ended up with legs like an elephant. Eventually, I was taken into the theatre and forceps were used, although if they hadn't worked I would have needed an emergency caesarian.

I am really enjoying being a mum and we have managed to get a bit of a routine up and running already. As a lawyer, having a baby is a bit like having a demanding client - you need to stay one step ahead, client care is essential, and anticipating needs are paramount.

I have very much enjoyed writing this journal and hope you have enjoyed reading it.

Merry Christmas!

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