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~ Meet Rowena

Rowena's Pregnancy JournalIt's sometimes hard to know where to start with introductions, but the best way is probably just to take the plunge and start talking about myself . . . By way of a short introduction, I am a 34 year old mum-to-be who lives in the UK and is currently balancing work and studying part time for a masters degree. I am married to Ashwin - we had two weddings in June 2009, an Indian wedding in Solihull and then a civil ceremony in London. Our baby is due on 1 December 2011, and it will certainly be a baptism by fire and a steep learning curve as this is our first! Luckily I have friends who already have young babies and who have passed on much sage advice ranging from staving off morning sickness, to where to buy the best maternity work skirt.

I've been quite lucky so far as I haven't had any morning sickness, apart from the odd day where I have felt a bit queasy - I quickly discovered from a friend that toasted hot cross buns are a good pick me up in times of nausea! I've had a little bit of tiredness, but other than that I have been working as normal, although I've had to remind myself at times that I am pregnant and that I shouldn't be overdoing it! I had intended to run a 10k run for charity on 10 July, but at 5 months pregnant, the midwife said it was probably not such a good idea, and she's right I think. So I'm now sticking to pilates, yoga and swimming which are all excellent especially when I've been cramped up at a desk for hours in front of a computer screen or crushed into a subway train on the way to and from work . . .

Anyways, I am very much looking forward to writing this journal and sharing my experiences with you; equally I hope you enjoy reading my journal and that some of the experiences resonate with you.

With all best wishes,


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