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Week 21
~ It's Definitely a Boy!

I just had my second scan today, and the baby is a boy! So at least now I can go out and buy some blue things, rather than risking pink or blue on the off chance. We have already picked out a name, so really it's now a case of getting prepared with all the baby equipment . . . and learning about babies, about which I know not so much, but hopefully that knowledge is increasing. I have bought Gina Ford's book and have started to flick through it - it seems very routine focused and I'm not sure if I could be that organised, but I have decided to give the book a go and then extract from it what information I want, and leave the bits I'm not so keen on . . .

My energy levels have been really up and I've still had no morning sickness, in fact I have been feeling better than I did before I was pregnant, which has really surprised me - so much so that I was on the internet the other night googling that I was worried that I was pregnant and felt too well. The midwife assured me that I am just lucky and that the tiredness will probably hit me in the third trimester.

I've been keeping up with my swimming which I would really recommend again - it stretches out my back and my body feels fully supported, and it is working wonders on my arms and legs and keeping them strong.

Finally, I went to Euro Disney in Paris last weekend with my family, including nieces and nephew - it was a children's paradise and a really fun place. I will definitely be going back with out little one once he arrives. I would advise avoiding Donald Duck, who seemed to have a bit of an attitude when signing autographs; Mickey Mouse was much nicer!


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