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Week 22
~ Bump Intervening . . .

My bump has got noticeably bigger and I am now having trouble bending over to put on tights and to clip my toenails--things I have always taken for granted! The distance to my toes just got bigger, or at least it feels that way: call it a bump intervention. In fact the whole experience had made me look at life a bit differently, and to think about how others cope with lack of mobility for example . . .

It's also suddenly dawned on me how much there is to do, preparing for a new baby. I generally have trouble getting myself out of bed in the morning and organising myself to go to work, and now there's a baby on the way! I've started looking at buggies and discovered it's a whole new world--now instead of checking out makes of handbags carried by passersby, I look at the make of their buggy/stroller. So many brands, weights, sizes! Help! That's where good friends can be such a valuable asset and I've taken advice from a friend who knows about the subject. Now all I have to do is make the purchase and get myself organised with all the other equipment.

Sometimes it's just difficult to get organised with a full time job! Still, there's enough time left; I just need to pull my finger out, get down to buying the serious stuff and stop looking at cute bunny toys for the time being.


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