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Week 24
~ Mama Mia!

I have just returned from a week in Tuscany - it was lovely to have a break, take in the sights and the beautiful countryside, and indulge in the wonderful Italian food, (even if the wine was off limits). One thing that surprised me was how much bigger my stomach had grown and that most of my normal holiday clothes no longer fit me. I attempted to shoe-horn myself into a much-loved white dress with embroidered blue and red flowers around the neck, managing to zip up the back with the help of my husband. However, a four course Italian meal cooked by the grandmother of the family who owned our villa quickly finished me off and I had to rush back to the villa afterwards to unleash my stomach from the grip of the tight material!

I'm still keeping up the swimming and managed to swim everyday on holiday; I would love to keep that up back in London, but it's difficult timewise with work.

We arrived home yesterday and I decided that afternoon to give my husband an induction into the world of pram and pushchair shopping. We followed the well trodden route through Mammas and Papas, John Lewis and Mothercare, and chatted to some very friendly and helpful parents who happily gave us advice and their views on what works and what doesn't. I still favour the pram/pushchair I saw a few weeks ago; it's fairly light and with four flights of steps to get up to the apartment that will be crucial.

Other than that, it's back to work tomorrow. Let's hope I can still fit into my maternity work clothes and that they're not also bursting at the seams!!


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