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Week 25
~ An Overflowing Cup

One of the most important things you can do when pregnant is get yourself some properly fitting bras. I have read this in books and magazines and now truly believe it. I have gone from being a 34b to a 34d, and so all of my bras have become ridiculously tight, and extremely uncomfortable . . .

. . . so, on Tuesday I decided to take action and went for a bra fitting with Rigby & Peller. They were absolutely excellent and straight away the bra fitter gauged my size just from a quick glance. I walked away with several expertly fitted bras and it really has made such a difference! Rigby & Peller estimate that 80% of women who enter their shop are wearing the wrong bra size and I was definitely one of those women!

Other than that I had another mid-wife appointment this week. I am the rhesus negative (A) blood group and will need an injection of "anti-D" soon. This is in case my baby is the opposite blood group to me, our bloods mix and I then form antigens that start attacking this baby or a future baby. Apparently it's nothing to worry about but I still feel slightly nervous as very rarely women suffer an allergic reaction.

The baby is moving a lot now particularly at night, and I have to be careful of sleeping positions! I'm trying hard to lie on my side, in particular the left side is best to assist blood flow, rather than lying on my back which is less good circulation-wise.


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