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Week 26
~ A Bee Sting and a Birthday

I got stung by a bee this week after about 15 years of not being stung. I was about to get into bed and picked up a bottle of hand cream, which, little did I know, had a bee sitting on it. It stung me and my finger and hand swelled right up. It was such a shock as I didn't have my glasses on so couldn't see a thing and because I jumped the baby started moving! I had forgotten how painful stings could be and because I couldn't take Nurofen I rang the NHS helpline to find out what to do. I was told that I could take a paracetamol but no antihistimines. I also went to the pharmacy and they said that I couldn't even use antihistimine cream.

The night of the sting, I lay awake for hours in pain, but then I thought to myself come on, man up, labour is going to be worse, so you may as well toughen up now girl! The pain was compounded by the fact that the baby was moving a lot and also that my husband was snoring . . . loudly! I went to work feeling as though I had had about 2 hours sleep - in reality it might even had been less . . .

Anyway, my finger is a lot better now and I've had a good week - it was my 35th birthday on Thursday. I celebrated with my husband with a lovely French meal and then met some friends yesterday. It's true to say that I definitely feel older and wider at the moment, what with my expanding waistline!

Overall, the pregnancy is still going well, although I am having to be careful now with carrying heavy books and papers for work. I'm about to go to Spain for a week to soak up some last summer sun and hoping to get into swimming again as I didn't get a chance to go at all this week because of work.


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