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Week 27
~ Reece's Pieces

An odd title I know but it's what I think of when I hear the phrase "Rhesus Negative"! I have a midwife's appointment on Friday and will need to have an injection of "Anti-D" to ensure that my body doesn't start producing antibodies in the event that my baby has the opposite blood group and our blood mixes. This could cause problems with any future baby and might also cause problems with the baby now, such as anaemia or janudice. I asked the midwife a lot of questions about the injection, hopefully there will be no side effects...

I've just got back from a trip to Spain, my last flight before the baby arrives. It's very important to get a letter if you fly over 24 weeks pregnant, as that will avoid any chance of the airline turning you away. It would be annoying to turn up at the airport looking forwrd to a holiday only have to turn around and head for home!

I'm still feeling very well, although a bit heavier, and intend to work up until around two weeks before the baby is due. I have to be careful to lie on my side at night to avoid the baby kicking me, and he also doesn't seem to like it if I lie on my back. I guess it must feel a little like being trapped inside a very constricted water bed.


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