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Week 28
~ Time is Marching On

I can't believe that I'm now 28 weeks, where has the time gone? I had another 4D scan done last Friday - it's so amazing to see the baby's face and very funny to see that he appears to be a mini version of my husband, nose, chin and all! I am still feeling well and have been keeping up going to the gym, although I have been doing low impact exercise.

I had the Anti-D injection done last Friday - I was quite nervous having read the leaflet about the injection and possible (though rare) side effects. Afterwards, I felt a little as though I was going down with a cold, but apart from that everything was fine. The hosptial does around 200 of the injections a week and there are never any problems apparently so I felt quite reassured.

I have started shopping for baby things and will go shopping in earnest this Thursday as there are some good offers in the shops at the moment.

Now that I look obviously pregnant, I am getting a seat easily on public transport, which is nice! Though at the moment it is actually more comfortable to stand, to avoid my stomach feeling cramped up. The baby doesn't seem to like this either and when I sit or lie in an awkward position he starts kicking to let me know!


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