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Week 29
~ Pack Your Pod

I recently discovered, through a friend, a really great website called Pacapod. It sells fantastic nappy changing bags, that include myriad pouches, a bottle insulator and a changing mat. Prices can be steep, ranging from 65 to 175, but in my opinion they are well worth it and I ordered the "Logan" changing bag today. I was originally going to use my trusty Kate Spade shoulder bag, but then realised that it didn't have a shoulder strap and so would be completely impractical whilst carrying a baby! Don't get me wrong, I still love fancy bags, but the changing bag (or rather changing pod) is a new breed altogether!

I've also started researching what to take to the hospital and have ordered all manner of things I never thought I would buy. It really is a whole new world.

I've been feeling more uncomfortable at night and am finding it hard to remember to sleep on my side! Apparently it's best not to lie on one's back as pressure from the baby can inhibit blood flow to a major artery and the baby can also press on spinal nerves. There's also more of a risk of the baby turning round so that he or she is in a position that leads to a back to back birth, which can be very painful . . .

I've been reading Gina Ford and deciding what sort of routines to adopt. It seems a routine is really important but I don't want to be too regimented so that it feels like a baby army camp.

I've also been looking at totally outlandish (and outlandishly expensive) Burberry and Dior baby clothes in Selfridges--just for a laugh and bit of light relief! 65 for a baby grow is, in my my opinion, a bit excessive! But it's interesting to see what's out there!


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