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Week 30
~ Babies, Bananas and Bicarbonate of Soda...

My stomach is now reaching bursting point and my belly button is aching - the bodily changes that are going on are really quite amazing and I am fascinated at my body's capacity for change, as well as its weight-bearing ability. I am religiously applying stretch mark oil and moisturiser now, twice a day, in the vain hope that it will ward off those silvery streaks.

So far my back seems to be holding out okay. However, I have encountered a bit of difficulty sleeping of late: the main challenge is sleeping on my side, which I find difficult as one who is used to sleeping on her back and side. I have woken up a few times with my joints aching from the pressure and so decided to get a pregnancy massage. This really helped and I was also given a demo of the correct position to sleep in on my side, ie with my lower leg straight and top leg bent and supported by a cushion or pillow. I have also been drinking warm milk before bed and listening to a relaxation cd on my ipod, all of which have helped...

And I forgot, the other challenge right now is acid indigestion! I have been told that coke is a good remedy but haven't dared try it on account of the gas! Apparently a quarter of a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in water and taken in between meals really helps - I have yet to try this, but it sounds promising as it is also a remedy for bee stings which are acidic. I've been trying to eat more fruit - bananas are fabulous for energy and unlike oranges and other citrus fruits don't seem to trigger an acid attack...

Apart from that I have been working, socialising and shopping for baby items. I bought some scratch mittens, a shawl and a swaddling blanket - I had never even heard of scratch mittens prior, and as for swaddling that is something I have always associated with Mary and Joseph and the nativity!!

That's all from me for now - I'm off to try the bicarbonate of soda!

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