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Rowena's pregnancy journal

Weeks 31 & 32
~ Nesting

Not that much has happened over the last few weeks, hence the combined journal entry! I have been buying a lot of baby things, both on Amazon and on the high street. We have just finished having some building work done in the apartment and I am on a real drive to get everything ready--I think it's called nesting! It's the instinct to get the living environment clean and perfect that drives every pregnant woman forward, and drives their husbands to distraction!

One thing I have discovered is that stores are keen to take advantage of nesting by producing long lists on the Internet of all the things you could possibly need for a new baby! In reality you don't need to buy as much as they say and in fact they are encouraging panic buying! It's great to be prepared, but don't get brain washed by store lists.

One other thing I have been looking at is organic baby products--I do think these are definitely worth the money! There is one rather unpleasant chemical that crops up over and over in most shampoos, toothpastes and shower gels: sodium lauryl sulphate. I try not to buy products I use myself that contain thud chemical, as it is carcinogenic, and can cause eczema and damage eyes. It was originally designed to clean the floors of garages and aircraft hangars!! So I am avoiding buying baby products that contain this chemical. Parabens are also bad for similar reasons . . .


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