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Week 33
~ Packing My Bags

I packed my hospital bag today, having downloaded a template list from the internet. My husband was hilarious, saying all I needed was a change of clothes and some clothes for the baby! Oh no, the list is really quite involved and I have a wheely suitcase packed for myself, as well as a separate bag for the baby! It's quite a weight off my mind that I've done that now, as there's nothing worse than feeling disorganised and out of control!

I had another interesting experience today - I went to a pregnancy yoga class. It was quite gentle and I very much enjoyed it, although I was cautious not to push myself too much. However, there was one member of the class who ended up standing on her head (supported by the wall) and at one point at least six members of the class were hanging upside down from chairs! I couldn't believe it! I was not that brave and stuck to simple exercises - I did feel very relaxed after the class and can recommend it as a way of stretching, relieving tension in shoulders and achieving general calm and relaxation.

I finish work at the beginning of November which will be strange, but I started back at college last week, and so will concentrate on lectures and getting ready for the baby to arrive. I am aware how quickly time is passing, particularly as I have seen the odd Christmas tree or two in the shops! My husband has reminded me that we still have Halloween, Diwali and Guy Fawkes to look forward to, so I am not panicking about Christmas presents . . . yet!

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