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Weeks 34 & 35
~ Antenatal Classes

A word of advice - if you decide to go to NCT antenatal classes, bring your husband, partner or a friend with you! My husband was on a stag do last weekend, and so I turned up to find myself the only single in a room of seven couples! Amusing, but I found myself used repeatedly by the tutor to demonstrate massage and birth positions during labour. I came home feeling quite freaked out as I had been putting the whole birth thing out of my mind and not really engaging with what I about to go through! Still there is no point in worrying about it as the baby has to come out somehow!! I also came away from the class feeling a bit paranoid because I was worried my bump was too small - silly I know.

I am still feeling well and am also still at work - my last day will be 4 November and then the plan is to have three weeks off, as long as the baby doesn't arrive early. I am also still keeping fit and managing to get to the gym and go swimming. It is well worth the effort as I feel as though I am still quite strong and able to carry the extra weight.

It will be strange finishing work for a year having worked continuously for about 12 years, but it will be good to have a new experience and to do something that is not office based. I still have my masters to complete next year and a dissertation to write next summer and so I think I will have enough to keep my mind occupied!

All of our baby furniture has arrived now so it's just a case of assembling it, which is easier said than done!

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