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Weeks 36 & 37
~ Silicone and Swimming

I have now finished work - I thought it would be strange, but it's actually not that bad! The main thing I was concerned about was the lack of structure, but suddenly I seem to have a 100 tasks to do, some involving hair removal and predicure, some more baby orientated (for example washing and ironing baby clothes) and some more intellectual (writing my MA essay). I even found time to roast a pheasant this evening, something I would not have done after a hard day's slog in the office and then a commute home. It's also great to be able to meet girl friends for lunch and have the luxury of not rushing back to my desk after an hour, guzzling a Pret sandwich in between worrying about collecting dry cleaning and getting a birthday card and making it to the Post office in time . . .

Leaving work felt strange and I do miss my colleagues, coffee breaks and office banter - the main thing is to build some structure into your day and make sure you stay in touch with people so you don't feel lonely.

I have three weeks to go now, providing the baby doesn't put in an early appearance, and am still managing to do some exercise. I had a personal training session this morning in the swimming pool which was amazing and really helped with puffy ankles and hands.

Our nursery is now all ready, although the cot we ordered back in early October is yet to arrive and now has an estimated delivery date of mid-December. However, we can use a moses basket for the first three months so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem.

And finally, I discovered the joy of silicone nipple shields in Boots this morning - I was recommended them by a beautician earlier this week. As I said to a friend today, two years ago who would ever have thought we would be standing in a shop looking at this kind of product - how times change!


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