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Rowena's pregnancy journal

Weeks 38 & 39
~ The Waiting Game

My due date is next week (29 November) and now that I've finished work there has been a flurry of domestic activity: the washing and ironing of baby clothes, Christmas shopping (cards have yet to be written), cooking of shepherds pie and pile after pile of washing. It does make me wonder how I kept it all going before whilst studying and working an average 10 hour day (plus a one hour commute each way)! It's true that being a modern woman isn't always easy and I'm enjoying being at home for a change and indulging in domestics. I am also writing a first draft of my essay which is due for my MA in early January, a time when I will be up to my eyeballs in nappies!

So all I have to do now is wait for the baby to arrive! It's an exciting time and I am feeling fairly relaxed about the whole thing, although I suspect there is a part of my brain that is currently editing out the worries about labour . . . I'm still feeling fit and well and able to get out and about - I am sure that a fairly healthy diet and exercise throughout have really helped me. The only complaints I have at present are slightly swollen ankles and a light carpel tunnel in my right hand which causes my hand to go numb at night. Apparently this is caused by excess fluid in the wrist which affects the nerves. However, it should shift pretty quickly after the baby arrives.

Anyway, I will let you all know once the baby puts in an appearance! I have nearly made the mistake of using his name a couple of times recently!


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