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Week 36

The Belly Fruit Have Left the Basket

Week 36 began with two routine NST appointments, no complications, no extended hospital stays. A 1:45 AM Wednesday, I woke for a nighttime bathroom visit except this time I started urinating and didn't stop! Since my preterm labor scare, I started wearing my glasses on night trips to the bathroom in case I lost my mucus plug or my water broke and I needed to see what was going on. I chose this night to forget to turn on the bathroom light and the glasses served no purpose. There I was, sitting on the toilet yelling out, "Karl. Karl! KARL! KARL! KARL!!!" He ran in and flipped on the light. I said, "I think my water broke." He blinked at me.

We were at the Birthing Center by 2 AM. At 3 AM a nurse told me I was getting prepped for the OR and that the twins would be born in the next hour or two. Great news because I was starting to feel true labor contractions then. Terrifying news because for some reason I still held out hope that delivery would be delayed even though my water broke.

At 5:25 AM on November 30, Tyler David was born at 4 lbs, 13.5 oz and 17 inches. Alexander Hobbs, 5 lbs 11.5 oz and 18.25 inches, followed one minute later. TWIN BOYS!

I had some minor problems recovering from the anesthesia and didn't get to see the babies right away. Then my blood pressure elevated and I was put on magnesium again, making it so that I couldn't leave my hospital bed, lift anything, or eat solid food. That combined with C-section recovery made me feel pretty puny for the first 24 hours with the twins.

Since I was unable to help, Karl was instructed on how to care for the tiny babies; he did an excellent job and continues to do so. Both Tyler and Alexander needed some minor help regulating their temperature but they had no problems other than that. They took to breastfeeding right away and impressed all of the nurses with their activity for being 35 weeks and 2 days old (based on OB's estimate of January 2nd due date).

We were discharged after three days in the hospital. Tyler and Alexander turned one week old this morning.

I can't believe you are finally here and at home! It's impossible to say or show how loved you are and how dear you are to me and your father. You mean the world to us. We love you.

Calling to say the babies are here
Calling to say, "The babies are on their way!"

Tyler and Alexander
Tyler & Alexander

Car ride home
The car ride home!

Ruth Ann

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