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Week 10
~ OB Appointment

May 27

We're almost out of the first trimester and now the belly fruit are roughly the size of kumquats. Which is great but I've never seen a kumquat in my life. Another source says they are as big as limes. But at just over an inch or so... that's a really small lime.

So far, I've seen no big changes in weight or energy levels. Meaning, my weight still fluctuates up or down by just a pound and my energy is lower than low. And the appetite is still so-so, a little less nausea and indigestion, maybe, but I'm still craving starch/carbs, dairy, and salt. I played a very stereotypical pregnant-lady role yesterday and bought a jar of pickles and a box of saltines. I don't care how stereotypical it was as I'm very happy with those purchases. One thing that makes me unhappy: the ever-present sore breasts. Not cool. I can't imagine what they will feel like as they get larger because right now I can't even tolerate putting on or taking off a bra. Very not cool.

On a much more positive note, the world is now privy to the news of your arrival. Your dad and I have been receiving so many positive comments, congratulations, and well wishes. It's very comforting to know that so many people care for you too.

All in all, we parents-to-be have had a very busy past week as we:
  1. Discovered we have not one but TWO babies to prepare for (and we couldn't be happier),
  2. Spread the word of our great news to all of the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends far and wide,
  3. Celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary,
  4. Celebrated Karl's 35th birthday.
Later today we head out for Williamsburg to spend the Memorial Day weekend relaxing by the James. From what I hear, we better enjoy it all we can, while we can, as everyone has been very good at reminding us just how much our lives will change. And so, once again, we find ourselves anxiously awaiting another appointment when we get back from our long weekend.

Hopefully we will get a lot more information about you or at least make plans to see you two again soon! I hope you are cozy, safe, and warm. Grow quickly - but not freakishly so! - and please, please, please, stay healthy. I send my little belly fruit basket all my love.

June 1

We made it back from our weekend away where we caught up with old friends and neighbors and basically spent a few days with no agenda. Sunday we spent some time fishing on the James River and later we went to an old friend's house for a party. It was my first time being at a party where everyone around me was drinking and/or smoking cigarettes while I sat there, sipping mineral water and feeling very out of the loop. I didn't mind the drinking like I thought I would but the cigarette smoke was a little much on my (now) super-sensitive nose. Karl and I went for a hike a couple of weekends ago and I smelled someone smoking a cigarette before I could even see them on the trail. He asked if I could also smell deer or bear in the woods. Maybe I could if he didn't smell so bad himself.

I took another picture this week. Ignore the pile of stuff behind me. Now that you two -- two, so WEIRD -- are on the way, I'm trying to do some purging of old clothes and junk in the house. Might be a little bit of a pooch showing or it could be the drawstring. Either way, you two are still in there and growing.
10 weeks

We spent over three hours at the doctor's office yesterday, nearly an hour of that spent waiting to be seen. Then I had a pelvic exam (sarcastically fun), an ultrasound (actually fun), blood drawn (not fun), and the OB consult.

Baby B, you are ~2.2 cm and 171 bpm; Baby A, you are ~2.1 cm and 174 bpm. "B" waved at us and was wiggling around. "A" kept showing us the backside. It's amazing to see how much you've grown in just 8 days!
10 weeks

Karl had the day off from work and I'm glad he was there with me. He asked a lot of questions that we both considered regarding prenatal testing, the doctor's experience with twin deliveries, and he schmoozed with the OB, playing on her love of animals. Bring a vet to an OB appointment if you want to get in good with your doctor! Assuming your doctor is an animal lover.

We don't need to visit that practice until June 28th when we have our next ultrasound to check in on growth. In the meantime, we are scheduled to have an appointment in Roanoke with a perinatologist and a geneticist. It's all part of the precautions our OB recommends we take due to carrying twins. And we plan on some initial testing to see how you are developing so we know what to expect.

It was reassuring to know that our OB, though not board certified, takes a very conservative approach to delivery and would not hesitate to send us to a location with tertiary care and NICU for high-risk pregnancies. By sending us to Roanoke now, we can establish a record there and have some appointments with the afore-mentioned maternal fetal medicine specialists in case we need their services to bring the babies safely into our world. Safety first!

There's a new due date based on the measurement of Baby B: January 2, 2012. Of course we know that the two will most likely be coming sooner (early- to mid-December), and most likely via C-section. As long as they make it here healthy, we are okay with that.

Ruth Ann

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