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Week 12
~ Headaches! Argh!

It's been a week since I last updated my progress and there's not much new to report except I now I have two kiwi fruit in my uterus.

Took another picture:
12 weeks

It's not the best photo (I need to get a camera) but I think there might be a little something happening in the belly area. Still haven't gained any weight. I know it will happen sooner or later, especially now that my appetite has almost completely recovered. Yet, just the thought of certain foods makes me queasy. Breakfast burritos, for one - and I LOVE breakfast burritos - and these black bean and salsa chips that Karl likes. I can't think about these two things for too long. Makes me want to puke.

Moving into the second trimester soon and energy levels are back, appetite is on its way, but the headaches won't cease. I've managed to not take any Tylenol with the last two headaches and I didn't wake up with the lingering pain. Here's hoping it stays this way.

We have our next doctor's appointment next Wednesday in Roanoke. We can't wait to see you two again! Stay healthy and keep growing those giant brains! Believe me, you'll need a giant brain if you both turn out to be 4 feet tall. Let's face it, your dad and I don't have the best luck with height so give up on that modeling career right now. It's all about school for you two.

Ruth Ann

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