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Week 13
~ Pregnancy Progress!

Today is the last day of the last week of my first trimester! I've been really busy this week and haven't had the chance to update my pregnant progress. So far, I've gained my appetite back plus about a pound and a half. Progress! I've also gained my energy completely back. Progress! My headaches appear to go away with two Extra Strength Tylenol, water, and a quick nap. Progress! And here's another belly pic (Progress?):

13 weeks

I'm wearing some nifty maternity shorts I got from a friend. Thanks, friend! Note the rearrangement in the background. The snake room is being slowly reconfigured to become a nursery. Next up - kicking out the last remaining snake in the room.

We had our "nuchal translucency screening" - an ultrasound to detect physical markers present in Down syndrome - and preliminary blood work for a "sequential screen" performed yesterday in Roanoke. Our OB in Blacksburg wants us to establish a relationship with the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists in Roanoke in the event we need to deliver at/be transferred to their well-equipped facility. We also met with a geneticist to go over any family histories of inheritable diseases or concerns.

These tests had me so anxious in the days leading up to the appointment. That's part of the reason I delayed writing about this week until now. I wanted to make sure we heard some good baby news. We would prefer to avoid invasive procedures such as amniocentesis if at all possible. You might be asking why go through the testing? And what would we do if something were discovered? And I would say that the decision to test was/is a personal decision agreed upon by both Karl and I. We would like to be prepared for news regarding our unborn children as best as possible. What we will do with any information discovered through these procedures will also be a personal mutual decision. And we know that having all tests come back in our favor still leaves no guarantees but so far, so good!

Baby A had a heart rate of 156; Baby B of 149 bpm. Based on ultrasound results, the twins are suggested to be "dichorionic-diamniotic" meaning they have two separate rooms in the maison de uterus. This occurs in nearly 100% of all fraternal and 25% of all identical twins. All other readings were within normal limits. That doesn't mean all is okay however, which is why we have to do follow-up blood work (the "sequential" in sequential screen) and have a fetal anatomy scan performed when the babies are a few weeks older and larger.

And here are a couple more gratuitous shots of Fe and Tus.
13 weeks

Karl was excited because "A" looked like Spider-Man. I thought "B" looked like a Simpsons character. The MFM specialist joked that both looked like Karl and the doctor assured me that plastic surgery has come a long way: "We can definitely fix that later!"

Okay, so the good stuff. Babies, you are now roughly 3 inches long and about the size of peaches! More fruit! Your dad and I could see you both squirming around during our latest ultrasound, waving your hands. This time, they used the probe on my belly instead of the transvaginal probe. The sonographer had a hard time getting you, "A", to cooperate. She jabbed me in the belly with the probe and jiggled it up and down to get you moving. It worked. I joked that it felt like Pieface stepping on my stomach. So if you feel rudely awakened in the future, you can blame it on the cat or the sonographer.

Ruth Ann

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