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Week 14
~ Welcome to the second trimester!

I was so happy to read these words in a newsletter I received Friday morning. As of this week, the two little ones should be about the size of lemons. In my opinion, I think peaches (week 13) are larger than lemons but, whatever.

Another week, another belly picture.
14 weeks

Little more of a pooch now. I can feel my abdomen getting tighter and tighter. Yikes!

Now that I feel like myself again, Karl and I have been busy at work trying to get the snake room reorganized into a nursery. I ordered a bundle of Dr. Seuss fabric swatches and I can't wait to get them! I'm going to use them to decide on colors to paint the walls and will choose one of the swatches to sew some curtains.

Since I have a lot of energy again, Karl and I decided to tackle the shower registries. It's not finished yet but I think we've made a good dent. I feel guilty registering for items, even though I know we need these things (you know, like car seats, newborn clothes). I don't know why. I guess if Karl and I had a traditional wedding with a wedding registry this wouldn't feel so strange. Still, it was fun to play around with the bar code gun.

We took a few days hiatus from room reorganizing while Karl's older sister, her husband and their three kids visited us before trekking on to Williamsburg. We kept the nephews, G (7) & T (5), with us during their last night of the visit. The next morning, I ran to the grocery store to buy supplies for a BBQ while Karl made breakfast -- the largest pancakes they've ever seen! -- for the kids. When I finished shopping, I went to put my bags in the backseat of my car and forgot about their two booster seats being there. I looked at the backseat of my Subaru and thought, with a fleeting twinge of sadness, "So, this is my future." The bags went in the back.

I have recently used the back seat to secure a watermelon. I guess it's like a baby, right?

Anyway, I hope they all had a nice visit in Blacksburg. We enjoyed having them. Next up: tomorrow's OB appointment and another ultrasound.

We always look forward to hearing your little heartbeats and for good news on your growth! Each appointment makes your presence a little more real and we love you both so much already. It's hard to explain... But someday you'll know how it feels. I'll see you both tomorrow!

Ruth Ann

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