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Ruth Ann's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ Apples and Ultrasounds

July 2: Apples and Ultrasounds

Guess what, munchkins? This week you graduate to apple status! Congratulations on making it to your next produce marker!

We had another appointment on Thursday. I need to remember not to use the bathroom before going to our doctor appointments, which is hard to do when you have to go. I had just enough left in me for a test strip. More blood was drawn and I'm developing an aversion to needles now. Strange since I regularly donate at the Red Cross and actually enjoy it. We also had another (less thorough) ultrasound.

15 weeks

"A", you were a mellow 136 bpm; "B", you were at 145. You two were very active, little arms punching, legs kicking. I hope you are being nice to each other. Each time we visit our OB, she will want an ultrasound to record your heart beats. Since all is looking great, we won't have to visit her again for another month. Until then, keep on growing!

Two great things arrived yesterday: my new maternity swimsuit (okay, so it's not that great but it means I can let my expanding belly roam free) and the Dr. Seuss fabric swatches!

Lastly, I'll leave you with some encouraging words from my husband. We were at the grocery store (again) and I saw a very pregnant woman waddling across the street. She looked hot and miserable. I said, "I can't believe I'm going to get that big!" Karl said, "You'll probably get bigger." He's soooo supportive.

July 5: It's official, I'm knocked up

Three things have happened this week to make me feel more pregnant than I already do.
  1. My favorite pair of jeans no longer fit. Every week I would put these on and every week they buttoned and felt great. Not this week.

  2. That weird belly line, the linea nigra, appeared and is apparently one of many skin oddities caused by - all together now - hormones.

  3. The babes have outgrown the confines of my current body. I realize that as my stomach gets larger it may take on its own gravity, rendering passers-by unable to escape its pull. That said, I will love Caddy Compton forever for telling me, "Don't worry, Ivy [my roller derby alias]. I promise I won't come up and rub your belly."

Candy Pimps

I can't wait for our little ones to get here so we can take advantage of one simple perk: free candy. Karl and I went to a 4th of July parade yesterday and I got ticked off. Only a few people handed candy to us! Meanwhile the people to the left and right of us were swimming in Tootsie rolls. What the hell? We like candy too! It was then I realized that our parade neighbors had a stroller and a toddler and a bulb flickered in my head: Kids equal candy.

And we are going to rake it in!!! I'm already thinking of next year's Halloween candy. The babies can't even enjoy it so why take them trick or treating, you may say. But that also means that they won't miss it. It will be exactly like stealing candy from a baby! Times two!

Ruth Ann

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