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Week 17
~ The Usual Recap

Yes, it's true: onions are not fruit, they are bulbs. But every single week-by-week update I've read says that at week 17, a pregnant woman has a fetus equivalent to the size of an onion in her body. I don't really care for onions that much so I'll say I have two puny grapefruits in residence.

And here's the belly:
17 weeks

Notice the change in background. That's the new baby room/ex-snake room with a much-needed coat of paint. It looks like a funky green in this poor laptop photo. It's not. The room is now a soothing shade of yellow. "Sunglow" to be exact.

A Little Whine And Cheese

Right now, at this very moment, I have a tissue shoved up my right nostril. It's the first bloody nose I've had in a long time but apparently this is normal. A woman's blood volume can increase an average of 50% over normal volume during the course of the pregnancy. This increase potentially causes a whole host of issues such as bleeding gums (check), nasal stuffiness (check), and headaches (triple check).

Another nifty side effect of increased blood volume -- an increased sex drive thanks to all of that extra blood flow. Vivid dreams are another possible pregnancy symptom. Combine that with hormones and you have a perfect storm of physiological proportions. Which leads me to say, "Mother Nature, your sense of humor kind of sucks."

The headaches I've been having are more or less under control now. Phew! And my appetite is back in full swing so all is well there too. But there's one symptom I never counted on and that's sleeplessness in the second trimester. It's killing me! Every night I wake up at least two or three times and cannot fall back to sleep. I've tried waking up early (like today) but then I end up crashing later in the day (and I will). I've resigned myself to the fact that I won't get a full night's sleep for at least another year. How sad is that? Have I ever mentioned how much I love sleep?

I realize I keep bringing up the downside of being knocked up but, let's face it, my body has been hijacked. One positive: no periods. Oh, and the whole circle-of-life bit. That's pretty impressive too.

Alright kiddos, we have one more week until we get to see you again. I hope you two are behaving in there. In the meantime, please ease up on my bladder just a little bit. Please? Maybe then I could squeeze another hour or two of sleep in at night. And your dad would appreciate it too. My constant night-time stirrings can't be helping him sleep either. Love to you both from the both of us!

Ruth Ann

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