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Week 18
~ Fruit and Bellies

Grapefruit: the new fruit of the womb. And I went and bought two grapefruits because, as you might already figured out, I'm easily influenced by what I read.


And now the belly. It might be getting bigger than my booty. At week 18 with twins, I could theoretically be halfway over my pregnancy!

18 weeks


The word of the week is N-E-S-T-I-N-G. Pregnancy Weekly says, "Nesting brings about some unique and seemingly irrational behaviors in pregnant women and all of them experience it differently." I don't think I'm behaving irrationally or uniquely. But I guess all crazy people think they aren't crazy.

This past week I've started a baby quilt project (x 2) that may never get completed. At least not for awhile. After you've cut out about, oh, 300+ pieces of fabric, you need a break.

Last night I started painting the nursery wall mural details. Over the weekend, the design was sketched and the surface prepped for painting. We're going with a Dr. Seuss theme. "Dr. Seuss" went to the college where Karl and I met and Thing 1 / Thing 2 is perfect for the belly fruit! It's still a work in progress but there's progress!

Monthly OB Appointment

I was so excited for this month's appointment! We were able to hear the babies' heartbeats again. Baby A was at 141 bpm, Baby B at 138 bpm. We also took home a couple more sonogram pics. B wasn't being very cooperative while A was a little ham, as usual. They are situated like a ying-yang symbol so maybe B is tired of having A's feet and rear in their face. So far my blood work has returned without any positives for genetic mutations. I'm hoping the news carries over into next week's appointment. Next week is the fetal anatomy scan at the perinatologist's office.

You both better cooperate so we can all get a good look!


And Now for the Ridiculously Cute...

Maybe it's just me but I could not believe the size of this diaper I received as a free sample. And maybe it's just the hormones, but seeing this made me tear up.

diaper sample

Ruth Ann

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