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Week 20
~ Halfway There!!

According to The Bump, I'm carrying around two cantaloupes at 20 weeks. And queue the visual reference:


Either I'm used to seeing freakishly large grocery store cantaloupes or my fetaloupes are undersized because my bump doesn't seem large enough yet for two. See?

20 weeks

Week 20: The Half-way Point!

I'm on the downhill countdown to babies! I keep setting small milestones throughout this pregnancy and I was very happy to reach Week 20. There are more pregnant days behind than ahead of me! It's how I feel each year when we reach the winter solstice: More days of winter behind than ahead. Glorious.

It's funny though, because I've been so wrapped up in being pregnant, prepping the nursery, researching baby gear and updating the registries, etc., that I haven't really though much about what happens at the end of it all. The actual, "Congratulations! Now take these babies home, mom!" part. Gives me a bit of anxiety. Best not to think too much about it, right? That's healthy.

New Horizons

In the past couple of weeks I've noticed an increase in heartburn. Not pleasant but it's to be expected. Antacids are my friend. And during the night I can feel my calves trying to cramp up. I want no part of leg cramps but I can see them coming on the horizon. Speaking of horizons, I can no longer see my toes when I stand. (This change also makes it difficult to paint one's toenails.) And the babies are definitely more active, more flutters and little kicks, particularly in the morning hours. They are still not strong enough for someone else to feel from the outside but I have a feeling that is also on the horizon.

So, Things 1 and 2, keep doing what you're doing. Thanks for being there to help celebrate my 35th birthday yesterday. I think you enjoyed the birthday dinner and dessert. Put on some weight, please, and keep yourselves happy and active over the next few months. I'll do my best to not stress out over every small detail if you do your part and not Riverdance on my bladder. Your dad and I love you!

Ruth Ann

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