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Week 22
~ On Autopilot

Again with the Recap

The belly fruit of the week is papaya! Two papayas with arms and legs. The twins should be weighing in at around a pound each, or maybe more like 12 ounces - multiples tend to weigh a little less than singletons.

And the belly bump. Pretty much the same as last week.

22 weeks

No News is Good News!

Things have been status quo for the past week minus some pesky constipation. Now I am that person who buys prunes and prune juice.

The babies are becoming more active every day. Here's a little visual of how they are kickboxing me from the inside out:

inside out

So my illustrated fetuses lack... arms and legs... but you get the point. Whenever B shifts around, I can feel his/her little behind pushing up on my uterus and my stomach gets extremely tight in one spot - BAM! Other times, it's like dueling banjos in there as B and A alternate kicks - BAM BAM POW BAM POW POW!

Monthly Doctor Visit

I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and all is looking great. Heartbeats are at 138 for A and 145 for B. I had another ultrasound but B did not want to cooperate or, rather, A was hogging the spotlight. Literally! Baby A kept shifting around and sticking their arms up, blocking B! So I won't post the pics because it's not fair to B; they didn't get a flattering shot. The doctor said we're "on autopilot" for the next month or two so I have five weeks until my next appointment.

And so far I've gained about 11 pounds in 5 months (judging from the roundness of my stomach, you'd think I've gained 25!) but my doctor doesn't seem to be worried that I haven't gained more. I've been told the weight will really start packing on in the third trimester. Yay, with sarcasm. So for now I won't feel guilty for craving ice cream and cheeseburgers.

And Lastly, There's Travel

Tomorrow, Karl and I are flying to NYC. This will be a test of my ability to travel before we go to Wisconsin next weekend. I'm a little anxious to be so far from my doctor and to be flying at 23 and 24 weeks but I'm also excited to have an opportunity to get out of town for a while before the babies come. Here's hoping for smooth travels! And for Hurricane Irene to chill out so we can get home on Sunday!

Babies, don't get too excited tomorrow on the plane. We're on a short flight so I hope you sleep through it all. Don't make me have to use that tiny airplane bathroom. Please!

Ruth Ann

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