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Week 24
~ Babymoon

Fruit + Belly = Bellyfruit

I just now realized I'm in my sixth month of pregnancy! Wow, the time has really flown by. At 24 weeks, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are busy packing on weight. Keeping in line with weeks 22 and 23, they should resemble slightly larger papayas. Some websites say babies at 24 weeks should measure as long as an ear of corn - not technically a fruit. Whatever the case may be there are two of them wiggling around in my uterus.

Here's a not-so-flattering picture of me. Yes, I'm still in my pajamas wearing the same Cootie pants I mentioned in this blog post. I was still lounging and recovering from the holiday weekend. And see that ladder in the background? That's the ladder I was standing on during that crazy earthquake a couple of weeks ago. Not so bright, in retrospect.

24 weeks

Pregnancy Updates Same old story except everything is just a little bit more: more heart burn, more back aches, achier ligaments, more trouble breathing. That's what I get for being so short. Not much room in the torso so these babies are compacting all of my organs into one unhappy lump.

Karl says I should name these two Braxton and Hicks. I've been having these contractions for the past week or so. Not painful, like I mentioned in last week's post, but it's definitely an odd feeling. Found out last night, I am the only one in my childbirth class who has been having these contractions and that got me worried. All the other women are at least a month further along than I. But my doctor says it's normal, especially in a multiples pregnancy, because the uterus is stretching at a faster rate. However I'll have to be seen if the contractions increase in frequency (more than once a day).

Rockin' Babies

Last Friday we flew to Wisconsin for Pearl Jam's 20 Anniversary Festival at Alpine Valley. I was a little anxious to fly at 24 weeks but other than some back pain from the world's most uncomfortable plane seats (floatation device, yeah, right) we had no problems traveling. No swelling or leg cramps at all. I did overdo it with all of the walking and late nights. During the first night of Pearl Jam's two day set, I stood up for 3+ hours - on the arms of my chair - and that probably didn't help either. Again, not so bright, in retrospect. I learned my lesson and sat for the second day of the festival.

But it was the best weekend. I want to do it again. I'm so glad we got to take this "babymoon" and I think the belly fruit enjoyed it too; we all needed a dose of rock and roll. And I couldn't resist buying these:

Pearl Jam Fans

Hope you both love Pearl Jam as much as your mom and dad do!

24 weeks

Ruth Ann

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