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Week 25
~ Eye of the Storm

Another Fruit. Finally!

Week 25 is eggplant week. I tried to grow eggplant in the garden this year with poor results. At least I can get it right in the womb! In this sixth month of pregnancy, the twins should each weigh at least 1.5 pounds and measure at least 13 inches in length.


The bump is becoming rather large. I thought it was difficult to paint my toenails a couple of weeks ago. Forget about it now! Just last week I was running errands and noticed that my stomach was about two inches from the steering wheel. ACK! I'm barely 5' 1" . . . this "bump" is going to be comical in another month.

25 weeks

Eye of the Storm...?

Things have been pretty quiet in the past week. No new pregnancy symptoms to report. I had a couple of weeks of really great sleep (meaning, I only had to get up once in the night and fell right back to sleep) but I notice that changing now. I'm back to waking up more than once, then being wide awake around 5 AM and staying up for a few hours before crashing. And my backaches and heartburn are becoming more and more frequent. I guess this means I should get ready for the third trimester!

I did have to buy a few new maternity clothing items since the weather took a chilly turn. I don't like spending money on a fleeting wardrobe but apparently we have to wear clothes and I can wear the items postpartum. Especially since my celebrity trainer from Hollywood won't be arriving as expected. Damn.

Speaking of celebrities, months ago I read Jane Seymour's (yes, Dr. Quinn is a celebrity) memoir on her twin birth experience. Why did I read this? Earlier in my pregnancy I scoured the library for any and all books on twins. [Note to newly pregnant moms: DON'T DO THIS!!! YOU WILL ONLY FREAK YOURSELF OUT!] This was one of them. When she described her fear at bringing home two babies at once I thought, "Yes! She's just like me!" Except for the part about how she had a 12-hour live-in day nurse followed by a 12-hour live-in night nurse. Double damn. And how she was able to wear an evening gown to a red carpet event just weeks after her twin boys were born. Damn damn damn. But, it makes for good comedic reading.

Little ones, don't expect live-in nurses. You will get a set of bleary-eyed, shaggy-haired, zombie-shuffling parents and you will love it. If you're lucky, you might get a Grandma Charlotte. She will be the one who smells nice and looks like she got several hours of sleep in a row. Love to you both!

Ruth Ann

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