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Ruth Ann's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ Nursery Prep

The Fruit and Bump Routine

We've seen it before - the repeat fruit of the week. This week, I'm toting larger eggplants. Singletons should weigh about 1.5 lbs and measure 14 inches. I'm not sure where my twins stand. Hopefully I'll learn more at my next OB appointment.


And my belly happens to be slightly larger also. If you can't tell from this picture - compared to last week - believe me, it's larger. I think my butt is getting larger too. Argh.

26 weeks

Speaking of Larger...

Up until this point I haven't had to purchase any new underwear although I have had to thin out the underwear drawer - goodbye synthetic fabrics! Luckily, thanks to Victoria's Secret and their 5/$20 sales, I had plenty of cotton underwear to go around. However as I hit the middle of my sixth month I found that several styles (hiphuggers, boyshorts) just weren't cutting it anymore. Rather, they were cutting off my circulation!

What to do? Don't run out and buy special maternity underwear that go up over your belly. Those things make granny panties look fashionable. Instead I bought a few more pairs (one size larger, just in case) of lace-waist bikini and thong cut styles, like these:


These things are THE BEST! These images are from Victoria's Secret but you can find similar styles anywhere. Just make sure the fabric, minus the waistband, is cotton. (If you haven't had a pregnancy-related yeast infection yet . . . well, you don't want to get one now.) The waistband sits low and won't dig into your growing baby bump and since it's stretchy lace, there's plenty of wiggle room to grow.

So that's my pregnancy tip - get comfortable underwear!

One More Week To Go!

I've been feeling pretty good being near the end of my second trimester. Getting a little more short of breath and the backaches happen with less effort and more frequency but it's not unusual, especially for carrying twins.

And the nursery is almost complete! I finished the Dr. Seuss mural last weekend and we bought a comfy rocker/recliner for baby feeding and snuggling. Here's a composite picture of the mural. I couldn't get my camera to take the picture in one shot . . .


Karl is installing a few more shelves for storage, we need to put up some window treatments, and the crib should arrive next week. Just in time for a baby shower. I sense that the crib will function as baby item storage until the babies actually need it.

We love you, Thing 1 and Thing 2! I'll get to take a peek at you both next Wednesday. Let's hope for amazing growth and development news. And there's no rush for you to make a full appearance. Keep on baking!

Ruth Ann

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