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Week 27
~ Back Pain!

Bellyfruit and Belly . . . Bump?

According to the week-by-week pregnancy calendars, a 27 week old baby should weigh 2 pounds and be about the size of: a head of cauliflower, a pot roast, or a bigger eggplant. I prefer to think of the babies as even bigger eggplants. (Really? A pot roast?)

And I can't quite call this a bump anymore. It's more of a . . . hill. The little stinkers are growing fast! And that's a good thing.

27 weeks

Another Doctor Appointment

Both babies seem to be thriving. Baby A had a heart rate of 150 beats per minute and Baby B was at 140. I asked the sonographer to take some growth measurements and she estimated Baby A to be at 1060 gm, or 2 lbs 5 oz - on track for a fetal age of 27 weeks. Baby B was estimated to be 1220 gm, or 2 lbs 11 oz. Baby B measured at a fetal age of 28 weeks. I'm carrying the baby weight of someone who's 34 weeks pregnant! No wonder my back is killing me!

At my next appointment (Week 29-30) I'll take the 1 hour glucose test and have a 4D ultrasound. Around 32 weeks, I'll have another growth ultrasound and I'll also have regular non-stress tests. The tests will help monitor the twins heart rates in response to normal activity levels to make sure they are both receiving enough oxygen. Currently, both babies are doing well and I hope the trend continues!

Call The WAAAAHmbulance

MY BACK HURTS!!!!!! And my "innie" is now an "outie". Neither of which qualify as breaking news. I could care less about cosmetic belly button woes when my back is screaming at me. I'm looking into prenatal massage or chiropractic adjustments this week.

If these options don't alleviate some pain, my OB may prescribe some physical therapy treatments. I'm 5' 1/4" tall (not even 5' 1" - pathetic) and baby weight plus gravity seem to be pulling my lower back forward and down. I'm also looking into purchasing a maternity support band ASAP. Let's hope some relief comes soon.

Other than the back pain I feel great! I'm ready for the third trimester!

Okay babies, I'm very thrilled at how much you two are growing. I haven't grown tired of your little arms and legs pummeling me from the inside. But I would appreciate it if you two would be active at the same time. Baby A - I love you so much but could you maybe not practice gymnastic feats at 4 AM? And Baby B - be sure to share the womb with your sibling. Don't be such a little piggy. See you both soon!

Ruth Ann

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