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Ruth Ann's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Third Trimester!!!

Another Week, Another Set of Pictures

Week 28 has me branching away from fruit pictures because I didn't want to post yet another image of eggplants. So this week we're going with babies the size of Chinese cabbages. Bok choy, if you will. Or would that be baby bok choy?

The twins should be weighing in at over two pounds each (they are) and measure in at 15 inches from crown to heel. That's a lot of baby in my belly and they still have weeks to grow!

Bok Choy

And here's what 28 weeks of twin growth has done to me:

28 weeks

Not bad, right? Oh . . . wait . . . wrong picture. Here's the correct one:

28 weeks

I look shocked. Probably because I am. And I noticed that I'm about 1.5 inches away from hitting the steering wheel with this baby bump. Woo. Hoo.

We Made It! The Third Trimester! Week 28: The first week of the third trimester! Twins, we're in the home stretch now!

I would like the say the third trimester was ushered in with rainbows and roses. Instead, the third trimester brought terrible back pain. Seriously, the first day of Week 28 had me crying in the grocery store café after a day of running errands and cleaning house in preparation for our first baby shower. Karl did the best he could to help me out but all I wanted to do was punch him, repeatedly, in the lower back. At least we'd both be miserable.

As soon as the busy weekend was over, I went right out and bought a maternity support band, like this:

maternity band

I may walk around looking like a trussed up Thanksgiving turkey underneath my maternity tops but, damn it, it works! It works for me anyway. I recommend getting something like this ASAP if you're feeling back pain too.

Baby Shower: Part 1

As I mentioned, we had a (co-ed) baby shower with family and friends, many of whom work with my husband at the vet hospital. The weather was unseasonably chilly but I think everyone had a nice time despite being crammed into our small house. Karl and I truly appreciate all of the baby gifts and best wishes from everyone! And I fell in love with these cute hats knitted by the baby shower hostess:

baby shower gift

Deep Breaths

Now that the nursery is completed, and we have some baby gear, and our childbirth classes are coming to an end, the realization that we will actually have BABIES - plural - in our home by the end of the year is setting in. And that realization is SCARY! Deep breaths.

Don't worry babies. Your dad and I still have weeks to get ready for your arrival. At least we know what end needs the diaper and what end needs the food!

Ruth Ann

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