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Ruth Ann's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ A Visit to the ER

The Ever-Expanding Bellyfruit Basket

These twins just keep on growing! Each baby should weigh over 2 1/2 pounds (and they do), resembling something the size of a butternut squash.

butternut squash

Again, not a fruit but the bellyfruit basket is now large enough to accommodate varies types of produce -- two butternut squash, a couple of cantaloupes; hell, even a pumpkin (seasonal produce)!

29 weeks

Regarding expanding bellies, I read that if a pregnant woman is going to get stretch marks they would appear by now. When I read this I had zero stretch marks and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, not two days later, I noticed the beginning of stretch marks on the underside of my stomach. DAMN! Oh well. I'll gladly trade red, bumpy stretch marks for a smooth pregnancy and delivery.

Many Doctor Visits

I found myself at the ER/birthing center again in the middle of week 29. I was suddenly having trouble breathing and experiencing sharp pains in the middle of chest whenever I sat down, but only when I was sitting down. My OB wanted me to head directly to the ER to rule out a pulmonary embolism.

The babes and I spent a few hours getting monitored before being discharged. Diagnosis: GERD. My uterus is pushing up against my stomach, causing acid reflux, and my lungs, causing shortness of breath. Both are common pregnancy symptoms especially in the third trimester. Now I take Zantac instead of Tums to help with heartburn and acid reflux. And I've had no chest pains since.

The following day, I had a 4D ultrasound but these squirmy twins were being camera shy. All we saw were hands and feet in front of faces. It looked as if they were practicing Cirque du Soleil routines!

We have another OB appointment on the first day of Week 30. My OB suggested we try again for some 4D images so I'll see if they will be more cooperative then. Still, having active, squirmy babies is a good thing.

Coming soon . . . another ultrasound to determine growth. Then it's another doctor appointment the week after that and then more ultrasounds and non-stress tests and doctor appointments... As long as we're doing what we can to deliver healthy babies, I'll do whatever my OB asks of me.

Another Awesome Baby Shower

The roller derby league I skate with, the Star City Roller Girls, got together for a baby shower to celebrate Thing 1 and Thing 2. Miss "Martial Brady"--my derby wife--was the hostess along with her roommate and fellow teammate, "Tarhellion". We all had a great time and Karl and I are so appreciative of the gifts and well-wishes we've received throughout this pregnancy. Thanks so much!!!

baby shower!

Babies! We're counting down the weeks until we get to meet you in person! I'm so happy you chose me to be your mother. Let's all just try and relax in these final weeks. I'll keep you healthy, you keep on growing, and dad will keep on putting up with all of us. We love you!

Ruth Ann

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