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Ruth Ann's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
~ 4D Ultrasound and Glucose Testings

Babies & Bellies

We're branching away from fruit once again. At 30 weeks, each twin should resemble something the size of a red cabbage. They should each weigh nearly 3 pounds and be about 17 inches in length.

red cabbage

And my belly looks like I'm smuggling cabbages from the grocery store.

30 weeks

Tests & Ultrasounds

On my first day of Week 30, I had an appointment to take my 1 hour glucose screening test and I also tried again to get some 4D ultrasound images of the babies. The twins wanted no part of pictures. Baby B even put their little hand up, palm out, to shield their face. And a few moments later, the hand closed up and Baby B gave what looked like a little smile. I know it's totally involuntary on their part but let's pretend it was all part of the plan. Cheeky monkey.


And here's an image we were able to capture from Baby A at the first 4D appointment.


Oh, and that 1-hour glucose screening test? FAIL. I took my three hour glucose tolerance test (GTT) on the last day of Week 30. Consider yourself lucky if you never have to schedule a GTT. Having your blood drawn, then drinking 100 grams of glucose on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, and then waiting for more blood draws for the next three hours . . . just the thought alone makes me want to revisit this morning's breakfast. Anyway, I should know these test results soon. And next week we get to see how much you've grown in the past few weeks. Let's hope for good news all around!

Raising a Dairy Barn

This week the spouse and I attended a breastfeeding course offered by my hospital. I really want to nurse these babies once they arrive so I'm looking for any and all advice I can get! The class was informative and the instructor, a La Leche League member, gave me some good tips for twin feedings throughout the evening.

It's really amazing when you think about it, how every healthy female is born with all of the "machinery" in place to incubate and feed their own offspring. It just sits, waiting to be activated, and then BAM: You, woman, are making food from the most basic of ingredients. Nature is so impressive!

Hooray, Baby A and Baby B! Now we're all in our "30s"! Your room is ready and waiting for you to arrive but that doesn't mean you have to check it out right now. Take your time. And dad and I will be waiting for you two. Too. We love you!

Ruth Ann

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