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Week 32
~ Appointments and Rest

Back To Normal. Sort Of.

We made it to 32 weeks! Take that, pre-term labor. At this stage, a baby should weigh between 2.5 and 4 pounds -- exactly where the twins' weights range -- and resemble something the size of a large jicama.


And now for the bump. It's still there.

32 weeks

More Appointments

I will now have two non-stress tests (NST) a week until the babies arrive. My first routine NST was scheduled for Halloween, the Monday following my hospital release. I arrived for the NST at 9:30 AM and didn't get home until 6:30 PM. Not quite the routine appointment I expected.

Why so long? The babies were showing normal signs of activity and my ever-present contractions were happening about every 15 minutes, nothing too concerning, but I had several high blood pressure readings. The doctor was worried about preeclampsia so she ordered a 24-hour urine test to check for protein. They held me longer in order to get blood-work and ultrasound results. Both the blood-work and ultrasound results came back fine.

Ultrasound measurements are becoming more difficult since the babies are running out of space in the womb. I've had several over the past two weeks and each had varied estimates of the babies' growth. Monday's had Baby A at a weight of slightly less than 3.5 pounds (maybe less than that, can't remember), putting them in the 22nd percentile for growth. Baby B on the other hand was nearly 4 pounds, weighing in at the 85th percentile for singletons! Baby B is a brute!

The next NST later in the week only took four hours. Much better than the all day event of the previous. This time the babies weren't cooperating. They kept moving around causing the monitors to stop tracking. But their activity is a good sign in my book. Another cervical exam showed no signs of change since my hospital stay and the urine test came back negative for high levels of protein. All good things.

Limited mobility might be extremely boring but it seems to help stave off frequent contractions. And having visitors helps break up the monotony. My brothers have been visiting from Okahoma and they've been helpful around the house. Karl has been really great in making sure I have everything I need before he leaves for work. Plus I'm all caught up on bad reality TV. Things are looking good!

Okay babies, let's hope for another quiet week at home. I'm so glad you two have resisted the urge to leave the womb just yet. Don't let my contracting uterus push you around! Stay strong and keep growing!

Ruth Ann

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