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Week 33
~ Getting Closer!

Fruit In The Fruit Basket Again!

Week 33 and we're back to cantaloupes. I visited the cantaloupe topic back in week 20 and I remember saying then that it seemed too early for something this size. Week 33 seems more appropriate. The babies should be weighing in at 4 lbs or over. My little chubster, Thing 1, passed this mark already based on the last several growth ultrasounds. Thing 2 might have some catching up to do.

Me and my baby bump are not exactly inconspicuous in this outfit.

33 weeks

Another Semi-Crazy Week

Week 33 began with my friend Jeanna, an extremely talented photographer, coming to my house to take some maternity pictures and I can't wait to see how they look. I'm glad the twins decided to hang out in the womb or else we'd be prepping for baby pictures instead!

My brothers were still visiting from Oklahoma this week and got to see me in all of my pregnant, shuffling, waddling glory. I apologized for being grumpy on more than one occasion . . . blame it on the hormones. I think they forgave me because they ended up doing quite a bit of housework and yard work while I've been on limited mobility. I hope I didn't scare them off!

During the week I had a two routine NST appointments and they were quick and painless. Both babies are kicking and moving just as they should be. A nurse had to jolt the twins into action a couple of times with a loud buzzer that she pressed against my stomach. This pissed the babies off! They flipped around like fish while their heart rates elevated out of sheer fright. I felt a weird protective instinct to jab the nurse for freaking my babies out. (I didn't.)

Between my routine appointments I had another emergency visit to the birthing center due to an intense headache with accompanying vision changes. Again, probably being overcautious but I wanted to be sure and rule out pre-eclampsia. I was monitored for a few hours and sent home with a clean bill of health.

Lastly, Karl and I made a big change this week. We went from this . . .

To this . . .

Holy crap. I just lost the backseat of my car for years and years to come.

Guess what babies? Now you each have your very own seat in my car. You should feel lucky! This vehicle has been on a lot of ridiculously fun road trips, many of them roller derby related. I just hope you both take after me and not your dad. Apparently he was a big wimp who threw up on car trips. In the meantime, keep on cooking! We love you!

Ruth Ann

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