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Week 34
~ A Nice Slow Week

More Melons In The Fruit Basket

By now the twins should each weigh around 5 lbs and measure nearly 18 inches in length. This corresponds to something roughly the size of a honeydew melon.

And here is a picture of two honeydew melons in a gray t-shirt. My computer camera wasn't working so I tried taking a self-portrait with a regular camera. I wasn't very successful but you get the idea.

34 weeks

No News Is Good News

Week 34 was fairly uneventful. My brothers left for home early on day 1 of this week and I was left home alone for the first time in 10 days. I had a lot to think about. By the time Karl came home from work I had worked myself into a panic about how we basically made two ships in a bottle and these ships must sail at some point. How are they going to get out of the bottle??? I was terrified. He talked me down, we ate dinner, and then all was well.

The next week I had a growth ultrasound following a bi-weekly NST. Baby A was estimated at 4.1 lbs, Baby B at 5.4 lbs. I'm carrying nearly 10 pounds of baby and I still have weeks to go! It looks as if I'll be having a C-section since Baby A is still breech and doesn't seem to be in any position to reposition. My OB wants me to get to 38 weeks, or December 19th, if possible. (I don't know if that's possible but I'll do my best.) A Note On "Weeks" Calculations

"But wait a minute, if you're 34 weeks now, shouldn't week 38 happen early in December?" Good question! Based on the first day of my last missed period, Friday, November 11 marked the beginning of week 34 and my due date was originally late December. But after the very first ultrasound my due date was changed to January 2nd, making Monday, November 14 the beginning of week 33. Since I started writing my blog before any ultrasounds were taken I continued with my original weekly countdown. It's all a crapshoot anyway so what's a week +/- a few days?

Babies, you are doing so well from week to week! Your dad and I are amazed at how active you both are and how you each have your own personalities already. We constantly wonder what you two will look like. You will both be perfect, I just know it. Even if you have that skinny, wrinkled, "newborn baby alien" look. Love to you both - Mom.

Ruth Ann

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