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Ruth Ann's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ Roller Coaster Week

The Home S-T-R-E-T-C-H

It's week 35 and I feel like I'm about to burst! Probably because I'm carrying the equivalent of two large pineapples in my womb. Side note: It's a good thing women don't give birth to pineapples.


The babies should both weigh over 5 pounds each (we already know Baby B does) and that equals a lot of complaining from yours truly. Just when I think I can't get any bigger and I can't get any more stretch marks, well, I do. Thanks, babies!

35 weeks

Ups And Downs

The beginning of week 35 was fairly uneventful. Karl readied the house for his parents' Thanksgiving visit and I spent my time on the couch or in bed, still under doctor's orders of modified bed rest.

My first weekly NST appointment was short and sweet. Both babies were doing well and I had a follow-up appointment the day before Thanksgiving. During that appointment, the twins once again performed beautifully and I thought I would be released right away.

Unfortunately my blood pressure readings weren't cooperating; I had elevated levels. After a few hours of being monitored with no decrease in pressure my doctor wanted a 24-hour urine collection to check for protein--a sign of preeclampsia. The same test was ordered during Week 32 but this time I wasn't allowed to leave the hospital. I was to spend most of Thanksgiving sitting in a hospital bed.

It wasn't all that bad. My husband and my in-laws brought dinner on Wednesday night and Karl visited me on Thursday while his parents cooked Thanksgiving dinner. And I was released that evening, just in time to enjoy the meal and some pumpkin pie for dessert.

Since I didn't have protein in my urine, I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension. Now I have to be monitored three times a week instead of two to make sure this condition doesn't develop into preeclampsia. Other than this little set-back, the babies and I are doing just fine!

Babies, I say I want you here right now but that's me being selfish because my body is having a hard time keeping up with you two. But I know every day and every week you stay put gives you both the best chance of being able to come home instead of being in the NICU. Plus, dad and I need some time as well to prepare for your arrivals. As he puts it: "I'm feeling excitement, nervousness, and UNPARALLELED TERROR." Me too. But we're mostly excited. Love to you both!

Ruth Ann

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