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Ruth Ann's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ California Dreaming

Your dad and I have been waiting for you for a long time. I found out about you on Tuesday, April 26. I was visiting your Aunt J, Uncle K and cousins G, T and Z. Dad was at work in Roanoke so I made the trip to California by myself.

While in California, I made plans to practice roller derby with a local league, the Monterey Bay Derby Dames. But the day before I went to practice, I was worried that I might not be alone; I wanted to make sure before I got involved in a practice that could have a lot of hitting or falling. So Tuesday morning I walked to a drugstore to buy a test kit.

One hour later or so and...
pregnancy test

I was thrilled with this news and immediately sent a picture text of the results to Karl. I also called his office's front desk and asked to speak to him. Turns out, he was in the middle of surgery but he stepped away long enough for me to get the word out. I hope he was able to concentrate after the news!

I was in the house by myself for a couple of hours so I called my mom. She had to be person number 2 (well, three, actually) to know when/if a baby was going to happen. She didn't believe me and wanted more proof. I said she would have to wait a few more weeks. When J and Z came home J asked, "Well, how was the test?" and I started crying and told her it was positive. She gave me a high five. (Typical endearing J behavior.) Then she hugged me and we talked about being pregnant together for the next hour.

At practice that same night I was very cautious. No falls. No knee drops. I didn't want anything to happen to you! I felt in a daze all day and all night, even at practice, but it was a very good daze to be in. The next morning I got on the computer to do some research. Turns out, I was almost 6 weeks LMP (last menstrual period) or nearly 4 weeks gestational age along.

All of the books and online articles like to compare your growing size to articles of food. Though, at this stage, you were smaller than the head of a pin. I called my doctor's office to see when we could get an appointment and a date was set for May 23rd, where we could see your heart beat via ultrasound. Your dad and I can't wait for this day to come!

Back in Virginia

I came home from California on Friday, April 29th and on that Friday I entered my sixth week of pregnancy! We decided not to tell anyone about our news until after May 23rd. Partly because we wanted to make sure we had a healthy blob of hybrid cells and partly because it's fun to have a big secret. So I've been walking around, knowing there's more than meets the eye. The next night we had dinner with some close friends. It was so hard not to tell them! I also told my roller derby league that I couldn't participate in the Mother's Day bout because of "doctor's orders" to not participate in full contact sports until we got pregnant. It wasn't really a lie but it wasn't exactly the truth either.

1st photoOn Sunday I bought two baby books, one for me and one for your dad. We found out you are about the size of an M&M (at which point your dad pretended to pluck one from my belly and eat it - I expected nothing less). I guess you've graduated from pinhead to candy. Hopefully we can learn all we can about you before you get here so we won't seem completely clueless. And on Monday, I took my first picture of just you and I together. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I am sucking it in a little.) You may not be able to tell it from here, but believe me you're in there. If not, then I'm in the bathroom every 30 minutes and in the middle of the night for nothing.

Later that morning I went to get you some tasty, healthy food and we had a nice afternoon snack of fresh, organic mango. Thank you for coming along because now I have to eat better! Then you helped me do some yard work. Good job!

It's been a great week.

Ruth Ann

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