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Week 6
~ And Fatigue Sets In . . .

May 4

Quick little update: I was just telling Karl last night about how weird it is has been these past few days where I've had loads of energy, no morning sickness, etc., and then today I feel like I've been run over by a transport truck carrying more trucks. I'm so exhausted even after nearly 9 hours of sleep. All I want to do is crawl back into bed. How could something so small - the size of a sweet pea! - make me feel so awful? Maybe my calculations were a little off - my cycle is longer than the 28 day standard. Instead of week 6 beginning on Friday, maybe my week 6 began today? Something to ask the doctor in a few weeks.

May 5

I went to the grocery store again yesterday with your dad because we needed to order a prescription for our dog, Disco Stu. While waiting for the pharmacist, we sampled the cheese trays. Very predictable. He turned down one of the samples but I popped it into my mouth and then read the label. First ingredient - unpasteurized cow's milk. Hopefully, a tiny cube of moldy cheese won't hurt either of us too much. Ever the smart-ass, your dad gave me some sage advice: Read first, act second. Remember that.

Later that night I went to roller derby practice, which was very strange because although I feel perfectly fine, there's some amazing things going on with me and I really don't want to spread the news just yet; we have to see that heartbeat first. I practiced for about an hour and then sat out while the rest of the ladies beat each other up. I missed it. Not even a parent and the sacrifices begin . . .

Today was another day of exhaustion but I managed to get some gardening done and 30 minutes of walk/run exercise in. I don't know if it's the foreign cellular blob or the lunch I ate but my GI system is not happy with me this afternoon. If it's you, blob, cut it out.

Ruth Ann

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