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Ruth Ann's Twin Pregnancy Journal

Week 9
~ Twins!

May 21

Been feeling awfully crappy lately. I can't remember ever feeling so tired from doing absolutely nothing. Sleep schedule is all out of whack - going to bed late, waking up early, taking multiple naps in a day - seriously, this must end soon. And food? Forget about it. Nothing sounds good at all. But this all is temporary, I know. So say the baby books and websites.

We cannot wait for Monday to come so we can finally peek and see what's going on inside. Then we plan on telling the rest of family and friends the good news. I'm not sure if I'll wait until after the first trimester to make it really public. The grandparents will all hear the news, as will your Aunts and Uncles, and several of our closest friends. And I'm sure I'll have to tell my league since I've been ignoring them for the past few weeks. Might not have been the best route to take but if I hang out with too many people I want to blab the news and I feel like I'm going to jinx something. Guess we'll just wing it.

After our ultrasound appointment on Monday, Karl and I are going to buy tickets to see Pearl Jam play a Labor Day weekend festival in Wisconsin. And the Belly Fruit will be there too! So Monday... it's a big day. Just need to get through the weekend.

May 23

Okay... Monday again:
9 weeks

Not much different except for this little bit of information:

"Oh right, the ultrasound was today," you say. "But what's that?" you say? Well, here's a better view:
ultrasound - twins!

ultrasound - twins!

Yes, that is correct. There is a Baby A and a Baby B. Or "TWINS!!!!!!!" as the ultrasound technician labeled our image. First, we saw Baby B, heartbeat at 160 bpm, looking good at somewhere between 7 weeks 6 days and 8 weeks. To wrap up, the sonographer took a look at the right ovary - all good - and then start searching for the left. After she labeled and measured, she did another pass with the wand to wrap up and stopped, saying, "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Karl said, "YEP," and I noticed his entire head turned a bright shade of red. Karl, having some experience with ultrasounds on animals, noticed something was different while the sonographer was searching for my other ovary but he didn't say anything.

Yes. Twins. Baby A had a heartbeat of 156 bpm and was about 7 weeks 3 days based on measurements. The sonographer said we made her day. She has twins herself and said it took her about three weeks for the weight of it all to set in. Karl and I are both still in disbelief. Now we have a Belly Fruit Basket. Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. We knew there was a possibility of multiples due to the Clomid treatments but possibility and reality are often strangers. Wow. The pregnancy test from May 16 makes a lot more sense now. I thought it was a little strange that I didn't have to wait more than 0.2 seconds to get such a bright, positive result. I think I even joked about twins that day!

Everything is going to change now, BFs! (Your pops and I had a discussion on the plural of "fruit". It seems both fruit and fruits are acceptable.)

May 24 (1:36 AM)

I can't stop thinking about twins. Remember how I said being pregnant was the foremost thought in my head? Now it's, "I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant. With TWINS!" And then of course I get online and do research and now I've worked myself into a scare again. First it was fear of an ectopic pregnancy, which after yesterday morning's ultrasound is no longer an issue. Now I'm paranoid over Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Sounds like a cruel magic trick. Apparently one fetus can be miscarried and reabsorbed (usually) by the body, leaving the other fetus healthy and well. There are no explanations, other than the fetus was most likely genetically . . . wrong.

But I need to calm myself down and convince myself that you, Thing #1 and Thing #2, are okay. You are both around 7 to 8 weeks old with strong heartbeats; fetal age and heartbeats are in our favor. We heard both of your wonderful, healthy heartbeats on the Doppler during our ultrasound. What an amazing sound.

I hope our doctor's appointment next Tuesday will help alleviate some worries, though I fear I won't breathe any easier until I see reassurance on future ultrasounds. Although the biggest risk of VTS occurs during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, there are still (much smaller) chances in the 2nd and even into the 3rd trimesters. Hang in there, BFs!

Ruth Ann

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