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Week 17

Up to a two week wait? Well, time to keep ourselves busy. Bisbee has a Beer fest going on this weekend and we go every year. I guess this year will be cheaper as Ben will be the only one drinking. We have a great time. I get a little light headed standing in the sun for so long but get free water as a designated driver and sit whenever I need to under an umbrella. The highlight of the day is being groped by a drunk woman who told me my breasts were magic. In 5 months I'm sure my child will agree. Horribly awkward situation that I was able to avoid reliving for the rest of the day. Everyone had a good laugh about it, even me. Lots of talk about how the baby is doing, do we know the gender? When are we moving . . . screech to a stop.

Ben and I have been planning a 1,541 mile move from Bisbee, AZ to Portland, OR. We made this decision about two weeks before we got a positive pregnancy test. We closed our store here and started packing, planning and saving for the move. We were not expecting to get pregnant and definitely weren't expecting for this little one to stick. Why would it? None of the others have. Well now we have to think a bit more about this move. We need to move before I'm huge, I refuse to drive 24 hours in my third trimester peeing in rest stop bathrooms. I also wasn't looking forward to finding new care with a deadline once we got there. So Ben and I talked about it and decided that we definitely need to move but perhaps Tucson, where I've been receiving care, might be the better choice as this pregnancy is going so much faster than we ever thought possible.

We quickly find a house in Tucson that sounds about right and go up to see it. It's perfect! Tons of storage, in a quiet safe neighborhood. Plenty of room in the garage for Ben to brew and a craft room for me! We'll take it. We filled out the paperwork and now have to wait. Can we not have to wait?

The day after we saw the house we got THE call. "Samantha Hills, we have the results from your amnio". All the wind goes out of me. "All chromosomes are normal" and I start to cry. They also tell me the gender but we're keeping that a secret till next week. Ben and I end up hugging while I sob in the kitchen. For the next few hours we call family and post to Facebook. Best phone call of my life and I only needed to wait a week. My little one is healthy! They won't have the same issues I have when they go to have kids. I'm over the moon, my face hurts from smiling. All the waiting, all the needles and test, they have all been worth it!

A few days later and we're told we've got the house! Perfect! Ben and I make up some pregnancy announcements/gender reveal cards and have them sent out. Our family and friends can't wait to find out what gender the baby is but everyone matches our perfect happiness about our baby being healthy. A boy or a girl doesn't matter, happy and healthy is all everybody wants. We've got the healthy part down and with all the squirming going on I'm pretty sure this little one is happy. March is the month for a miracle, our own little miracle. I can't wait!


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