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Weeks 18 - 19
Gender Reveal and New House!

The last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind. We found out at the end of October that we could move into the house in Tucson as soon as we wanted. Instead of waiting and paying another month's rent in Bisbee we decided to move asap. Our lease was up anyway. Asap means two weeks for us. Packing began immediately. We found friends to help because Ben didn't want me lifting anything on move day. It feels weird to step back and let others help. Moving to our 7th place without lifting many boxes, like I said, it's weird.

We sent the gender reveal cards out and planned a last minute party at The Quarry in Bisbee. Surrounded by good friends we announced with cupcakes made by Ben. A little boy! Everyone was so happy for us. We thought since we found out we were pregnant that we would be having a girl, even the ultrasound tech thought girl until he turned just right and showed us he was no girl. The tech and I both laughed at the same time. We're so happy. We're looking at names and I went through my crocheted hats I have for sale and picked out all the boy ones. Mine! For my little boy. I can't wait until he is here. My sweet little boy.

I've been feeling him kick just about every day. It's so much more real. My growing belly. My growing baby. I can't believe this is my life. Every day I feel so blessed. I'm feeling heavier and heavier every day. He was measuring almost a week ahead at 16 weeks and with how big I feel I'm pretty sure he still is. Grow baby grow.

I hate moving. You would think after so many damn moves I would be fine with them. Not doing any of the lifting makes me feel so helpless. Letting others help is even harder. But really I can't complain. You never know how much crap you have until you have to fit it all in a truck. We didn't fit it all. We had to go back and get help from another friend to drive her car up with us. Thankfully being only two hours from the old house we can go back and forth a few times. Everything is out of the house now but we still have to go back for clean up. I can't "ugh" enough about that.

So many changes. I love the new house. We're still getting everything setup but it already feels like home. I'm imagining our little boy taking his first steps here. Learning to play gentle with the dogs in the back yard. First words spoken in front of the fire place. Tasting his first grapefruit, straight from the tree in the yard. This is a beautiful home and our future looks like something I could have only dreamed of a short time ago. Almost half way done and ready for the next leg of this journey.

Right after getting settled in I got a wonderful email from another woman with BT who has been following my posts. Such a small world. Thank you for your lovely email V. It's always wonderful to know we're not alone in our struggles.


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