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Week 22

Coming into late November and December brings up a lot of sadness. While the holiday season brings joy to many it can be very upsetting when you feel someone or in our case many people are missing. One due date and 2 loss dates are in December and early January as well as Ben's Oma being gone for a year now. So many sad moments. We spent Thanksgiving by ourselves this year which ended up being a good idea. Half of the day was spent in tears. Both of us are so thankful for our little boy but he doesn't take the place of the four that are gone, that we miss every day. The end of the day was wonderful and we had a great mini meal with cornish game hens. We were able to sit down and enjoy our night which we both needed. It wasn't a complete disaster as far as our holidays in the past have gone.

Still sick. Still fighting it tooth and nail! I think I went through almost 3 lbs of honey in a week. It's better than cough syrup! My cough isn't getting a ton better but I'm trying to rest and force fluids. Fingers crossed! I really fear getting sick to the point of needing the ER.

I can feel him so much more. Every day I feel bigger and feel him move more. It's like a dream. Do I say that in every journal update? I hear from friends my belly has "popped," I look very pregnant and it's all baby. Still haven't gained any weight really, which kind of freaks Ben out but our little man is still measuring big so we're fine.

I finally signed all the papers to switch care to the midwives. Looks like they need to go over my chart and make sure they feel comfortable taking me on. I'm sure there will be a lot of questions from them about what all this BT nonsense means. I've already had to explain it to a lab tech, 3 ultrasound techs and 2 nurse midwives at my current OB office. It feels so weird to explain medical jargon to medical personnel. I don't blame them for not knowing; I'm sure it was just a sentence worth of info in their textbooks on chromosomes and genetics. 1 out of 500 people isn't really that rare but there is almost no info out there on BT. None on mine, and as far as I can tell I'm currently the only diagnosed 9:12 BT person, at least out of all the English speaking countries.

I got a hard copy of my boy's karyotype. Even though I already knew he was normal/non-carrier it's great to see it on paper. Made me giggle a bit. So happy to know and have records of. I know reproductive medicine will be very different in 20 years but I still didn't want him to have to suffer like we have. No guarantee he would but I never would wish this on anyone let alone my own children. We'll see if we have any more, how they test. I worry about it. I guess it's silly, you never know what will happen but I still worry.


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