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Week 23
Ready for the holidays?

With everything going so well we wanted to decorate for Christmas so we started unpacking all of our holiday stuff. Ben took the fake tree we bought last year out of the box and we both looked at how small and sad it looked. We bought it just to have a place to put our gifts last year because we didn't want to be completely anti-Christmas. We didn't send out cards or do any other decorating but we thought "at least we have a tree". I remember it being bigger but I guess memories are funny like that.

After talking it over we decided we would get a real tree this year so we went out and picked one up. Decorating it was wonderful and sad all at the same time. So much hope and joy, so many sad memories. The tree is just lovely and I'm so glad we started this December off on a positive note. We also hung up our stockings over the fireplace and put lights up. I got out the other decorations and set them up too. We talked about a present budget. It's like Christmas feels almost new again.

The midwives have looked over my chart and feel comfortable seeing me so my first appointment with them is on the 26th. One more appointment with OBX and then on to the birth center. It's starting to feel like this is actually happening. I'll be having a baby. I'll be giving birth. This little boy will almost certainly be coming home in late March early April.

Ben's mother and sister are coming to visit next week. We are so excited for their visit. We always have tons of fun. We want to take them to the desert museum and downtown. Lots of good food and laughs. I'm not pleased that I still have a cough and they will be visiting. Same thing happened last year and I spent half of their trip coughing and breathing through a nebulizer. Fingers crossed this year's visit will be different.

My belly continues to grow and his movement is becoming more and more noticeable by the day. He is getting so big in there. Hard to believe he will keep getting bigger. I have days where I feel like I'm huge! I know I have a long way to go!


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