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Week 40 ~ Birth Story!
~ The Longest Day . . .

Baby MichaelIt is hard for me to try to put into words what exactly went on during labor and delivery. There was so much pain and quite a few painkillers involved, but there are some parts that I remember with ease. I hit the 40 week mark with still no Michael and was so nervous and excited at the same time. I checked into the hospital on a Tuesday evening and they started the Pitocin on a low level to get my uterus ready.

I hardly slept at all that night because of the contractions. Wednesday morning at 7am they upped my intake of the Pitocin. I can honestly say that I have never had pain like that in my entire life. One thing I did learn was that if you have a tattoo on your lower back, they can't put the epidural through the ink. They had to put the epidural in higher than my tattoo and snake it down my back. Then, to top things off, the epidural didn't work and they had to remove it and put a second one in.

Sarah and MichaelBy 7 pm I was finally dilated all the way and could start pushing. I pushed for two hours and Michael refused to budge. I didn't realize how much pain I would still be in while pushing. I was under the impression that the epidural would take care of most of the pain--I was wrong. No one told me about the pressure I would feel in the anus area. I was in so much pain at this moment; I just wanted Michael out of me!

After a quick conference with our doctor, Jamie and I decided to go with a c-section. Let me rephrase that, after being in pain for nearly 24 hours, Jamie agreed with my decision to go ahead with a c-section since I was nearly hysterical by this point. After all the pain I had been in, the c-section felt amazing! With all the anesthesia I was given, I was in no pain whatsoever.

Jamie and MichaelAt 9:47pm on April 28th, 2010, Michael Ritch was born weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces; and was 21 inches long (now at 6 weeks he is 11 pounds 5.5 ounces and 23.5 inches long).

Jamie was so good with him. I couldn't get out of the bed that first day and Jamie had to change his diaper. It was the first diaper he had ever changed and he did such a good job! I had started breastfeeding from the very beginning, but my milk didn't come in fast enough for Michael and he lost down to 7 pounds 10 ounces. We had to supplement him with formula for two or three days, but since then he has had nothing but breast milk. I stopped nursing him and have just been pumping and putting it in a bottle so that we know exactly how much he is eating. As I had to go back to work and was going to end up pumping anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal. We just want to make sure that Michael gets all the milk he needs!

MichaelI was also unprepared for the change in my body's temperature. All through the labor and delivery I had been desperately hot. I guess with my hormones still out of whack, I stayed burning up for two weeks after I had Michael. I have never been that hot in my life! Those first two weeks were rough with having to deal with the temperature change my body was going through, recovering from surgery and having a newborn that needed constant attention 24/7. I had a pretty good case of the "baby blues." Luckily they were gone after a couple of weeks of sleep deprivation and crying.

MichaelThe number one thing I would tell all new mothers to do as much as possible - SLEEP! You will feel much better after a couple solid hours of much needed sleep. It has now been six weeks since Michael was born and I have yet to string together more than three hours of sleep, but I do try to get as much sleep as possible. It is the magic cure all for the tired, grumpy and worn out parent. Even with all the downsides of pregnancy and delivery, it is definitely worth it! I already can't imagine life without my precious Michael!

~ Sarah

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