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Sarah's Trying to Conceive Journal

Entry 2
~ Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Jamie and I LOVED Ireland, and we're ready to go back! We had so much fun going to the Guinness Storehouse, the Jamison Distillery, Dublin Castle and touring County Wicklow. We were blessed and it didn't rain the whole time we were there! It is definitely a place that I would recommend to everyone!! All the people we met were very friendly and helpful - we didn't meet a single rude person while we were there! The food was a bit on the expensive side but delicious. The time change threw us for a loop, but we managed to get on track - when it was time to come home of course!

We've been back from Ireland a month - man how it has flown by! It's surprising since we've been waiting to find out if we're pregnant or not. Considering my last period started February 18th, and it still hasn't shown up, it seems like the past month should have been dragging by. The pregnancy tests have come back negative and I went to the doctor yesterday so I should have the blood results pretty soon. It doesn't look that hopeful though. My doctor talked about starting me on Clomid. Jamie and I aren't really sure if we want to go that route yet, but we will have a more in-depth discussion about it in a couple of weeks. His birthday falls on Mother's Day this year, and he's starting to feel the pressure of his age. He doesn't want to have kids around the house when he's 50. He's only going to be 26 this year, but I guess both our biological clocks have started ticking.

May is going to be action packed with three weddings, a birthday, Mother's Day and a family reunion. Thankfully, after May, things will slow down. We grilled out last night with a couple of our friends who are having a baby at the end of the month. We got to see her baby kicking her stomach and feel the baby move. Jamie had a look of wonder on his face before he called it a parasite - jokingly - and we both looked at each other wondering when it was going to be our turn to have a "parasite."

~ Sarah

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