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Sarah's Trying to Conceive Journal

Entry 3
~ A New and Healthier Me

Yet another month gone with no period and no baby. I wish something would happen! We've decided to wait on taking the Clomid, and I'm going to start losing weight. In the past month I have lost nine pounds! Weight Watchers was definitely a good choice. The pounds have been falling off! We know that by getting healthier we stand a better chance of ovulating and conceiving. We're not trying as hard right this minute to have a baby, which we've been told is the way to go about it anyway. Once I lose another 15 to 20 pounds we'll start talking with the doctor again. We may have to talk to the doctor sooner if my period doesn't straighten itself out!

After May, we feel like we need a rest, but things always have a way of popping up. This month we have two weddings, Father's Day and a family weekend at the beach - which means that every weekend this month there is something to do. Looks like we'll have to wait and see if July will be less busy.

Our friends were due to have their baby at the end of May and it still hasn't happened. They will go to the doctor tomorrow to be induced if the baby has still not made an appearance. My sister-in-law is doing great also. She is around 14 weeks and has the talent for sleeping anywhere!

Hopefully next month will bring some good news!

~ Sarah

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