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Sarah's Trying to Conceive Journal

Entry 5
~ Good News, Bad News

I'll start with the good news first. I went to my Ob/gyn and we decided to try the Clomid. First things first, I had to get my period. So, she gave me 5 days worth of Progesterone to take. My period came a week after I stopped the Progesterone. It was a horrible period. I had hot flashes, cramps, bloating and I bled to death. Day 5 of my period I started the 50mg of Clomid. The only side effects I had from the Clomid were hot flashes and breast tenderness. On Day 11 I started testing for ovulation.

Now for the bad news. I'm on Day 17 of my cycle and haven't yet ovulated. I'm still waiting impatiently for that to happen. My friends don't see how I keep all my days straight with having taken two medicines and testing for ovulation. Needless to say - I have a VERY detailed calendar to keep track of it all!

I'm waiting for something to happen now, be it good or bad. It's the waiting that is killing me! I've had a busy month in the midst of my day counting and it's good to be home. After 3 trips including one wedding, it's nice to have a month to be at home. I do have a bridal shower to go to this weekend, but at least it's in town.

My sister-in-law is coming along nicely in her pregnancy and I've even felt the baby move! She's due November 20th and her tummy is becoming more and more round! They've decided to name him Adam. I've been spending more time with our friend's baby girl who is now 7 weeks old. She is such a sweet heart - even if she does cry a lot! Now, back to more waiting . . .

~ Sarah

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