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Sarah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ Doctor Visits

My doctor's appointment went well, with everything checking out okay. I did have some concerns about my blood sugar so I had to go back yesterday and take a glucose test. The results came back and I passed. I was at 128 and I had to be under 135. I look at it as a double-edged sword; if I did have gestational diabetes, then I would have eaten healthier and watch what I'm putting into my body. Since I don't have gestational diabetes, I'm relieved, but probably not going to watch what I eat as much.

The morning sickness has completely gone away, knock on wood, and with it some of the tiredness. It's not that I'm not sleepy all the time, I'm just not as sleepy to the extreme I was before. Of course with all the drama going on at work, the stress is just piling up. I've loads of work and new rules and lots of fun stuff like that to deal with. I just have to remember that there is only so much work that one person can do!

The weeks seem to be both dragging and flying by at the same time. I can't believe it's already time for me to write another entry, yet I also feel that it's taken me forever to get through the first trimester!

~ Sarah

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