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Sarah's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14
~ The First Major Complaint

Now, for my first major complaint of the pregnancy: constipation. I have never known constipation such as this. What is making it soooooo bad is the fact that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I'm having horrible stomach cramps and have even thrown up a couple of times. I was taking a stool softener and the doctor just told me to start taking Miralax. Right now I would do anything for relief from this pain. I just have to keep the Miralax down; t doesn't have a taste at all when you mix with juice, but it just didn't want to stay down.

The only thing that is getting me through this rough patch is my happiness that I'm pregnant. I may be miserable, but I'm happy miserable if that makes any sense. My doctor also told me to walk around and increase my fluids. She said to mix 1/2 apple juice with 1/2 ginger ale and warm it in the microwave. I haven't tried that yet, but as soon as I think I can keep it down I'm going to. I've had the stomach cramps for about two days, and the throwing up just started this morning. Ahh . . . the joys of pregnancy.

On a positive note, my sister-in-law only has three weeks left until she has her baby! I'm so excited for her. It will definitely be an adjustment for her since her son just turned 13 years old. It will be a happy adjustment though - she's already planning on at least one more addition to the family!

I'm still at work, though I did go home early yesterday and come in late today. If I'm going to be miserable somewhere, it might as well be work.

~ Sarah

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